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Are you searching for an excellent alternative to purchasing a new eBike? If you already own a beloved bicycle, we can transform it into a remarkable eBike! Our conversion systems offer an array of options to choose from, including various motor power and battery size configurations that can be customized to your individual riding requirements. With unparalleled performance that rivals any eBike currently available on the market, we invite you to contact us or visit our store to schedule a test ride and determine whether this is a suitable option for you.

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eBike Cafe was developed on the vision of a team of passionate cyclists, converted into passionate e-bike enthusiasts. With many years of experience of bicycle knowledge, paired together with the growing knowledge of the exciting technology era of E-Bikes, eBike Cafe wants to bring together a community of all things eBike.

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New e-Bikes

eBikes reignite that love we have for riding. It allows us to cycle with people we love again and ride trails we never have before. It also allows new riders and less fit riders to build confidence as fitness levels increase. 

This all depends on the type of riding you intend to do. This will include terrain, distance and comfort. This is why we carry a variety of hardtail, dual-suspension, fat tyre and commuter eBikes.

New eBikes are built for purpose, they are built with the motor and battery integrated into the frame for a clean aesthetic.  The mid-drive motors offer torque sensor technology which allows for more technical riding capabilities.

Convert Your Bike

If you have a bike you love already, we can convert that into a fantastic eBike, based on our recommendations for you. It is a much cheaper option if you love your bike, or if you just want to try the eBiking world without the big financial commitment of a new eBike.

Mid-drive conversions require the bottom bracket, including the cranks and chain ring to be removed and replaced with the motor. Battery placement is relative to the size and shape of the bike frame. Hub-drive motors are installed within the front or rear wheel and the new spokes are built around it.

The great thing about conversions, is not only that they don’t do any damage to your original bike, you can also swap the conversion from one bike to another. We can also re-convert your bike into it’s original state. 

The conversion process will typically take from 4 – 5 working days. Our goal is to try get you riding by the following weekend.

The options include a mid-drive motors and hub-drive motors. Motor sizes include 250W, 350W, 500w, 750W and 1000W respectively. We also have a variety of battery options to suit your desired riding distance.

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Traveler Weekend

The perfect bike to ease into the day, with its stylish fenders and carry racks, this bike is proud to be electric.

  • RELAXED DESIGN | With its low-slung design and no top bar, this is the perfect bike for all riders.
  • ELECTRIC MOTOR | Powerful 500W Motor with a peak output of 750W, with speeds of up to 32km/h. 5 speed pedal assisted.
  • REMOVABLE BATTERY | The power of electric, with a removable high capacity 48V SAMSUNG internal battery.
  • FULL CHARGE | 6-hour charge time gives you an estimated range of 48-80km* (* based on terrain and other external factors)
  • DISPLAY CONTROL | LCD display with speed selection (Actual, Average and Max), 5 Level pedal assist (can be modified from 3, 5, 6, 9 speed), Odometer and battery charge level, with simple 4 button controller.
  • USB CHARGER | You can also charge your device from the USB point on the LCD display.
  • THROTTLE CONTROL | Thumb throttle on the left-hand side, no need to pedal to GO!
  • HANDLEBARS | Ergonomically contoured rubberised handlebars
  • ROAD READY TIRES | Wider tires for uneven terrain on your daily commute.
  • HYDRAULIC DISK BRAKES | For precision stopping power.
  • SEAT POST | Quick Release adjustable seat
  • FRONT SUSPENSION | Lock-Out front suspension for added comfort and traction.
  • RIDE READY | A sturdy rear carry rack, stylish fenders, kickstand, LED headlight and break light. FREE Front carry rack and mobile phone holder included as a launch special

Why You Should Get an e-Bike

e-Bikes are becoming more popular. People are starting to understand they are more versatile and offer more than just a boost.

e-Bikes have made their way at a rapid rate into downhill riders, top cyclists and the everyday rider. 

e-Bikes are the future of riding

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“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike” – John F Kennedy.

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