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eBike Cafe

What Drives Us To Be The Leading
eBike Store in South Africa

About eBike Cafe

eBike Cafe was founded by a team of cycling enthusiasts who have since converted into passionate e-bike aficionados. Drawing from their extensive knowledge and experience of bicycles and the rapidly evolving technology behind e-bikes, eBike Cafe strives to establish a vibrant community centered around all things eBike.

Our team’s expertise, combined with our unwavering commitment to learning, enables us to offer comprehensive eBike knowledge and guidance to help riders find the most suitable eBike for their needs.

If you have a beloved bike that you no longer ride, bring it to eBike Cafe for a conversion into an eBike. Alternatively, if you do not wish to purchase a new eBike, our team can recommend the perfect conversion for your existing bike, allowing you to join our community of eBike enthusiasts. We have an impressive track record of successfully converting non-electric bikes into eBikes, with numerous satisfied riders rediscovering their love for their refurbished bikes.

Our vision is to establish and expand the eBike community, and to that end, we have partnered with local coffee company Coffee Fixx. Our visitors can enjoy Coffee Fixx’s proudly South African brewed coffee on our premises while engaging with our team about the exciting future of eBikes.

If you would like to learn more about eBike Cafe and the services we offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you and treating you to an excellent cup of coffee.

Coffee Fixx

about ebike cafe
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